Dear Members. 
We hope everyone has started to recover after the “big wet” of 2022.
Have recorded 2447mm (2.4metres) of rain as of the 31st of July. Compared to the Ballina Annual average, from the Bureau of meteorology of 1516mm over the 12 months, fair to say it’s been extremely challenging times for the ground staff.
Though we haven’t suffered to the extent of a lot of the course in the Northern Rivers / Southeast QLD and down the coast into Sydney, we most definitely haven’t come out unscathed. Balancing the required work and accomodating play was definitely a challenge for the course team.
The main two areas to be effected are the Fairways and Greens. Water has sat in low spots on fairways for long periods of time smothering the grass. However as we move into the warmer weather, all fairways will be aerated and fertilised helping with recovery. 
Some of our greens suffered a similar fate none more so than the putting green. With the lack of sunshine and excessive amounts of rain, our annual over sow suffered in areas leaving us with some bare spots on a handful of greens.
In responses, we have aerated all greens two weeks ago with further practices next week in the form of a light grooming and top dress to help in their recovery. 
The new 4th green has suffered the worst. With roughly only 3 months of decent weather the 328 has struggled to establish resulting in algae forming in the bare areas smothering both species of grass. With next week’s practices and our annul renovations in October, the surface should improve.
On a more positive note, our 2nd green has performed extremely well. Being the only Tif Eagle green on the course it certainly has proven itself as a desirable turf species. The herbicide applications to eradicate the winter grass from this green has been very successful and it is performing without any concerns.
Weather has also delayed our concrete paths project, namely the 12th and 17th. The main concern is getting the concrete trucks bogged. The suppliers policies state that if they get bogged they are required to engage a heavy vehicle recovery company to pull them out which in turn would create more mess and would come at the clubs expense, so timing is everything. We have this programmed for next Wednesday the 10th of August with the hope the weather stays on our side. Both areas would potentially  be opened by the end of the week. We will then move to the 1st and 2nd fairways adjacent the tees on the 2nd hole where will be extending the carts paths, putting in some curbing to divert water, upgrade the adjacent drainage and then repair the turf areas where material has washed in.
Club Championships are fast approaching so the Lads and I will be focusing our efforts on all playing surfaces over the next month.
Quick shout out to our volunteers and the great work they have been doing down around Sally’s Garden and keeping the front of the club looking schmick, thanks guys and girls, much appreciated.
As always, look forward to seeing you out there enjoying this awesome course.
Brent Robinson
Course Superintendent

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