Miclub vaccine status activation for golf only.

Commencing Friday 8th October members may provide their double vaccine status confidentially to the club.
From the 11th October when entering the proshop you will be required by the NSW Government Health Orders to provide proof of your double vaccination status to gain entry and to play golf. By providing this information the club will be able to better manage our golf bookings.
A small symbol will appear on your booking in the timesheet.
For the reasons of privacy,  it is important to note that you or any other members will not be able to see this symbol when they view the timesheet.
Once provided you will not have to go through the process each time you register to play golf through the proshop.
You will have to provide the information when requested by staff as you enter the clubhouse though.
Members have three (3) options to pass on this information if they so choose.
1. Provide proof of their double vaccination when they register for golf in the proshop.
2. You can email your information to the office at admin@ballinagolfclub.com.au this would require a screen shot or a photo of your COVID 19 certificate.
3. Provide proof directly to the clubs office during business hours.

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