Dear Members                                                                                               

Great to see some rain starting to fall. After a very wet start to the year (from Jan 2021 till April 2021 1156mm YTD 1420mm) recent rains have helped us with our pesticide and fertiliser applications.

We have commenced our seasonal herbicide applications to all greens, green surrounds and tee blocks leading into renovation season. This has seen the normal discolouration of these areas which is all part of the process.

A few points of interest and upcoming projects:

  • After our break in back in July 2020, our shed extensions have been completed securing our valuable fleet of machinery and workshop tools. We’ve had 4 new industrial strength roller doors installed to the shed extension, along with further changes to our alarm system. We also now meet workplace health and safety requirements as far as usable floor space, no more climbing over machinery to get from one end of the shed to the other.

  • Our annual green renovations will take place on Monday the 11th of October running through till lunch time Tuesday the 12th. As per normal, greens will take around 4/5 weeks to recover from the de-thatching and aerification of all 20 green surfaces. This is a critical process all golf courses undertake for the health and long-term playability of the greens. It also gives us a pathway to add soil amendments, fertilisers and air to our growing profiles providing a healthy environment for growing.
  • Concreting of cart paths will continue after the green renovations. The next port of call will be the 15th There will be a large pull over area along-side the men’s white and blue tee block and run right through to the Ladies red tee block. Traffic will be directed around to the right-hand side of the white and blue tee until we are ready to open the path up. We appreciate your patience during this project.


  • The 4th green continues to progress nicely. The green surface is now 80% covered and is being cut once or twice a week at 7mm, further topdressing and grooming of the surface should see the green open early November. We still have some remedial drainage lines to install around the green surrounds which will start on Tuesday the 5th of November. The bridge to the right of the hole is now complete with a small concrete lead on to be installed in the coming weeks. This now gives us all weather access to the green during heavy rain events. We still have more trees to be planted at the back of the green with a few more Paperbarks and alike to be added.




  • Coring of all fairways will commence sometime after the Club Championships. The job requires the fairways to be as dry as possible otherwise the clean-up process is near imposable. The recovery period is around four weeks but the longer-term benefits far out way the short-term pain. The process is designed to help provide a pathway for nutrients, relieves compaction, better water infiltration allowing carts to enter the fairways quicker after heavy rains and provides aerification to the profile. As per normal, during and after the process, preferred lies will be in play until full recovery is achieved.
  • Our two new fairway mowers and one new surrounds mower have been badly delayed due to the Covid pandemic. At this point in time, we are unsure as to their delivery date but rest assured, we will eventually receive them.

That’s about all from the Keepers of The Green. We look forward to seeing you out there enjoying your golf and enjoying this wonderful Golf Course.


Yours Sincerely

Brent Robinson

Golf course Superintendent



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