The following changes have been made and will be implemented as stated;
Can play socially  from  Saturday 11th September
Visitors in competitions, will be held in abeyance until we get a handle on member participation rates / availability on booking sheets.
Proshop will be checking address bonafides, re interstate travellers and LGA’s still in lockdown.
Course golf infrastructure
 Flags, ball washers, buckets, bunker rakes back in play from Tuesday 14th September. 
NTP’s will start from Saturday 11th September. 
Marking of own scorecards remains in place for now. You should however record the other players score on your card and check prior to entering score into kiosk at the completion of the round.
Lottery Draw
 Remains in place until further notice, however we will be extending the lead in time for bookings to 3 days. Starting with next Wednesday’s competition which will open this Sunday night. To avoid a lot of congestion on the Sunday night the Monday booking sheet will open Saturday night and next Tuesday booking sheet will open the usual one day ahead along with the Thursday booking sheet. After that we will be back to one competition booking sheet per night  3 days ahead.
Members will be able to book up to 4 players in from tonights booking sheet onwards. The same times apply for joining the Lottery Draw, that is between 5:45pm and 6:00pm.
 Two unrelated persons in a cart from Saturday 11th September.
Program Book Changes
Given we still remain in somewhat of a fluid situation the previously advised changes to the Men’s Club Championships and the Ballina Classic remain in place.


Geoff Barnes

Director of Golf,

For and on behalf Board of Directors.

Tips for Lottery Draw;

Regularly clear your search engine “cache”. Past searches may not be up to date.

When booking a group remember  your saved booking group can now be up to four players from Saturday 11th September. 

Once you are in the booking sheet, quickly book then log out, this will assist those waiting in the queue.

MiClub recommends “Google Chrome” as a preferred search engine.


Lottery Draw Information


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