On Wednesday 31st March 2021 at 10.30 am, HealthNSW contacted The Ballina Golf & Sports Club Pro Shop.

 HealthNSW informed staff that an active COVID19 case came into the Pro Shop Sunday, March 28 between 2.25 pm and 2.35 pm.

HealthNSW has advised The Ballina Golf & Sports Club Pro Shop staff member on duty to follow the HealthNSW protocol, which is to be tested and isolate immediately.

The staff member has since been identified as a “close contact” and will be self-isolated for the next 14 days, irrespective of the COVID test result.

 Investigations transpired and it has been ascertained that the infected individual played golf but did not attend the clubhouse or any other area of Ballina Golf & Sports Club.

Investigations have revealed that the infected party had no contact with any other individual than the identified staff member and his playing partners.

Ballina Golf & Sports Club have continuously followed a strict COVID19 Safety Plan, including regular cleaning. All correct policies and procedures have been followed, including COVID19” Deep Clean” of the venue.

To be extra cautious, the Club has made the decision to have an additional “Deep Clean” and “Fogging” of the premises on Thursday, April 1st.  As a result of this action, the Clubhouse and golf course will be closed on April 1st and reopen on Good Friday, April 2nd.


It is our understanding that there were no other patrons in the Pro Shop between the times of 2:25 pm-2:35 pm on Sunday 28th March 2021.
If you were in the Pro Shop during those 10 minutes, please immediately get tested and self-isolate and remain in isolation until further advice is provided by NSW Health.

The Ballina Golf and Sports Club is considered a “low risk” venue.

Public Health Alert 

Current COVID19 Case Locations

The Club will continue to follow the advice of HealthNSW and will keep members and guests informed of any changes to the situation.

Members are advised that room limits have been reduced to 1 person per 4sqm. Masks must be worn when attending the venue until further advice is received.

We thank members and guests for their cooperation and wish you all a safe and happy Easter.

Mark Whiting
General Manager



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