Having a child born with a significant brain injury can and does change your life forever. 

Molly was born in 2015 with a rare chromosomal disorder trisomy 12p and a rare blood disease which caused a significant brain bleed. 

We were lucky enough to come across Doman International when Molly was about 15 months old. 

Doman International are a not-for-profit organisation internationally recognised for its pioneering work in child brain development and programs to help brain injured children achieve wellness and reach their full potential developmentally. 

With the help of so many, in 2017 we were able to fly over to Philidelphia, America to get Molly the medical treatment she needed to move forward.

Doman International now do online programs, saving families so much time.

Molly became a big sister last year so after having a break from her intensive treatment program to enjoy being a family of four we are extremely excited to start up again.

Any money raised will go towards: 

☆ The evaluations needed yearly for us to keep up with the treatment needed to help Molly reach her full potential. 

☆ Any expensive equipment needed in the near future, either purchased or handmade, to help us support Molly with many daily tasks.

☆ it’ll give us the funds to finish off her program room, a room we will be spending every day in.

It’ll help with so much.

It’ll improve Molly’s life more then anybody could know. Something that we strive for and have since the day she was born. 





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