Dear members

The Club Championships have been played and won. Congratulations to all winners, we hope you all enjoyed them win, lose or draw.

I would like to thank the Ground-staff for putting in a big effort to present the course at a level that members could best enjoy, well done Lads.

A lot has been happening on course of late, a new fence on the 8th tee has been constructed, this project is a part of our ongoing commitment to course safety. The garden bed has been extended to the end of the fence in the same fashion as the existing bed. All fairways have been both fertilised and sprayed with insecticide over the last week. 

As many members would have seen over the last few weeks, Tweed Valley bores have been in to drill for water in front of the practice net area. The end result is an amazing amount of water discovered at a depth of 72m. First estimates is we could make as much as 50lt per second. This will be better determined after we have the pumps installed and volume tested. Water quality will also be scrutinised to determine chemical makeup and how it will be best utilised.












The Ballina Classic is coming up in mid-October; the Lads and I will be working towards presenting the course to the highest posable stranded for this event. Straight after the Classic we will be starting construction of the new 6th tee block, pushing it over to the left more and creating a more user friendly tee off area. The 13th men’s tee will also be extended forward and leveled off achieving more tee off area and level playing surface. Changes to the course regardless of their scope are always investigated thoroughly prior taking place, these changes are no different and have been heavily scrutinised to ensure they achieve our objectives.

That’s about all from the Keepers of the Green, look forward to seeing you all out there enjoying your golf.

Kind regards,

Course Superintendent

Brent Robinson


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